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Introducing Investigator 2.0
for Windows 95, 98 & NT
b_morein.gif (1632 bytes)The old model of technical analysis is obsolete. Time is at a premium and data on thousands of financial instruments is inexpensively and readily available. Trying to manually review a relatively small number of charts dramatically limits your potential profits.
Investigator is proud to introduce the alternative…

The Investigator Success Formula:

1. Create Bar Patterns Visually

Some technical analysis programs claim to have quick and user friendly editors to create new bar patterns. Have you ever tried to program or understand the following "English-like" statements?
(L-HY1) I2
(LY2-HY1) I2
IF LOW {-1} > HIGH {-2}
Condition1 = Low of this bar < Lowest(Low, 8) of 1 bar ago and Close > Close of 1 bar ago;


For those who prefer to spend their time on profitable trading, not computer programming, Investigator offers a revolutionary new tool that allows you to design bar patterns visually. For each condition:
1. Drag the significant open, high, low, and close for each of the bars into the positions you desire. (You have the flexibility to add up to 999 bars to your pattern!)
2. Click the Add Condition, Add Percent Condition, or Add Range Condition button. The only typing required is when you want to enter a percent value!
3. Your pattern’s conditions are generated automatically in English (not English-like statements)
Barpat.bmp (346680 bytes)

2. Unique Indicators

New Concept - Delta Relative Strength

If you read Investor’s Business Daily, you’re familiar with the concept of Relative Strength. Only Investigator allows you to generate Relative Strength values for your own data, whether it be stocks, commodities, or any other financial instruments. And Investigator allows you to view a list of your instruments sorted by their Relative Strength ranking. Investigator extends the concept of Relative Strength with a new tool: Delta Relative Strength. This proprietary tool identifies financial instruments that are moving up or down the Relative Strength lists, keeping you steps ahead of other investors. For example,
Past four Relative Strength Values
90 90 90 90 <------- Note the strong but static RS values
50 60 70 80 <------- Delta Relative Strength captures the momentum shift
Delta Relative Strength identifies future potential market leaders. Relative Strength alone may overlook these momentum shifts, since the instruments may get lost in the Relative Strength rankings.
Drslist.bmp (330968 bytes)


Trend Recognition - Gann Trend Indicator

Eliminate the guesswork of drawing trend lines by hand. The Gann Trend Indicator automatically identifies the trend of a financial instrument (up, down, or none) and is a powerful stop-loss technique, using the market’s own price action to let you lock in profits.
Amazingly, some technical analysis programs charge thousand of dollars for a similar indicator. This indicator alone makes Investigator a tremendous value.
Immediate trend identification
Immediate stop information, regardless of whether you’re long or short!
Notice how the stops rise with the market locking in your profits.
Gann.bmp (201232 bytes)
Mark Boucher, interviewed in April 1996’s Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, calls the Gann Trend Indicator "one of the best trailing stop techniques that I have ever seen."

3. Easily incorporate industry standard indicators

Our easy-to-use testing dialog boxes allow you to incorporate the full range of industry standard indicators into trading systems with simple point-and-click techniques. Want to historically test or find on your end of day data the financial instruments that have just made new highs or double tops? We make it simple.
Each indicator comes with numerous default values to save you time and are fully explained in our extensive on-line help. No black boxes here!

4. Trading System Validation

"Those who ignore the past are destined to suffer it’s consequences anew." Investigator provides the means to heed this axiom by providing a fast and simple method to evaluate the historical results for any system you create. The valuable statistical information we report assures that you understand the performance of each pattern:
Overall statistical summary of all of the discovered trades.
Trade by trade statistical analysis of each trade in a list format.
Visual information using Investigator’s TradeWindowTM, which allows you to view trades sequentially with the exact entry and exit bars pinpointed.
Not satisfied with this pattern’s results? It’s easy to modify and re-test the pattern with a few clicks of your mouse. Once you’ve discovered a profitable pattern, you can add it to your pattern library for automatic end of day testing.

5. Automate Trading

Our visual bar pattern designer, exclusive tools and indicators, and historical system testing allow you to build a profitable pattern library. The reward for your efforts? Automatic daily notification of profitable trades, as indicated by your high confidence patterns. Simply download quotes and review Investigator’s trade list, which notifies you as to which trades you should be entering, which stops you should be moving, and which positions you should be exiting.

6. Increased Speed and Functionality using our 32-bit design

Investigator’s fast 32-bit program was developed exclusively for Windows 95/98/NT. It is optimized to analyze huge volumes of data in minutes! Furthermore, testing runs in the background, freeing your computer for other tasks. You can even pause testing or view intermediate results while testing continues.

Data Formats Supported: AIQ, CSI, MetaStock (Computrac), TC 2000, Technical Tools
System Requirements:
* IBM PC or true compatible (486 or faster) * 8 MB or more of RAM
* Windows 95 & NT 4.0 * 6 MB or more free hard drive space
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