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"Thanks very much; I do like hearing from you. Thanks to SunnyBands I now have a net worth above $1.25 Million." -Don T.
[Editor's note: Don started 3 years ago with a $25,000 account.]

"Loved your articles on System Design and Test in TASC. Are you going to write more articles on the subject?" -Alvan H.

"I have enjoyed your TSME book.  I am just exploring your other offerings." -Richard L.

"Hi Sunny,

Just finished TradeStation Made Easy, and I LOVED it! Your insights on testing and optimizing are intelligent and helpful. " -Bill Z.

"Hello Sunny,
          I just wanted to say that your book, Tradestation Made Easy, is EXCELLENT.
Best Regards,

"Dear Sunny: Thank you very much for your great help. You are wonderful customer's support." -TW Kim.

" Hello, I am writing you this email/letter to thank you for your hard work and to express personally to you how much your "TradeStation Made Easy!" changed my life." -Roger H.

"Thank you for your excellent customer service. Your excellent DMA is now working great." -TW Kim

"I really appreciate you writing TSME and taking the time to do it. I love it because it's so thorough. I have tabs all through it and use it as my TS reference:" -Mark K.

"I'm getting a big kick out of the [Sunny]bands this morning. Typically I'm using ParSR and Floor Trader Pivots. It's great when it all comes together. And as you said, your's [sic] [SunnyBands] picks the tops perfectly." -Frank Z.

"This is a very powerful tool! It's better that what I've had. I'm going to scrap my old tools. It's speaking to me. I kicked butt today making $1,500 trading crude, gold and the S&P." (re SunnyBands) -Tony C.

"U r still a genius!!! Not a single losing trade all week!!!" -Chip S.

"I love my Day Sessions candles. They really keep me focused on what the  day and globex sessions are." -Paul D.

"Have followed your work and articles in TASC for years. Thoroughly enjoyed 2 articles on System Design and Test in the June and July issues. Is there anymore articles to come?" -Alvan H.

"I have been collecting indicators for five years now.  SunnyBands is the only one that is actually paying for itself and more!  Now I will have to divorce my wife, I am in love with this indicator!" -Jim T. PS: "Thanks Sunny, three successful shorts for the day today....  Three days in a row." -Jim.

"I love your indicators. But, even more, I love working with you because you are easy to talk to and easy to understand." -Vince C.

"Sunny, you're brilliant! You've got this thing solved. I made $10,000 just this week using SunnyBands." -Samuel S.

"I'm almost done reading TS Made Easy! That's a pretty amazing accomplishment and thank you." -B0b B.

"I use SunnyBands exclusively and I haven't had a losing trade in the past 30 days!" -Chip S.

"TradeStation Made Easy!" is my go to reference on EasyLanguage. -Neil L.

"I switched to TradeStation so I could use SunnyBands. Now I need to switch back to MultiCharts since I can't trade US Stocks from Canada with TS. I want to keep the SunnyBands because they are simply amazing. What does it cost to switch?"

-Nick F.

A: No cost, Nick. It's free. No update fees ever. -Sunny

Hi Sunny,

Hope all is well! We spoke a few years ago while I was a just entering my  freshman year at Amherst. I was 17 then, 3 internships later (Fidelity, JPM, and now Wells Fargo) I just wanted to say thank you. You broadened my horizons and pushed me to be better. I remember you telling me the story about how you graphed your income on a chart, and you wanted to be a millionaire. I'm gonna change the world Sunny. Gonna help those who need it. That dream partially started all those years ago when I reached out to you. I'm in banking now, but from time to time I pull up some charts and think about Technical Analysis.

Hope all is well with you and your partner. God bless.



"As a Day trader, Position trader or for my long term Investment trades I always have my finger of the pulse of whatever Equity I chose because price includes all market behavior and Sunny Harris’s Dynamic Moving Average provides the unshakable foundation upon which I build my future retirement. I make $130K on my day job but trading less than an hour a day using Sunny’s DMA I have more than doubled my income in 2013 adding another $150K in market profit." -Don R. Thomson

"I’m just calling to let you know I just made my all time best trading day ever. I followed your SunnyBands and didn’t waiver. I just wanted to let you know. Thank you, Sunny. Very much." -Billy C.

"I'm pumped! This is the first time I've been excited about trading." -Nick F. (After working with SunnyBands) ...

"This is the best thing ever! This indicator's so beautiful I just can't stand it. Also, I love watching archives of your webinars. I feel like you are right there with me." -Jeanne Z. (talking about SunnyBands)

[Client talking about SunnyBands:] "I use them every day, I am indeed active; I pulled down $1,945 this morning. " -Don T. (Principle Software Engineer at UTi Worldwide.)

Dear Sunny:

I started to write this letter to thank you again, but after thanking you so many times on the phone I thought I would take this one step further.

This is for your Past, Present, and Future students.

There are Instructors after Instructors out there willing to teach trading.

After numerous schools, seminars and Thousands of Dollars later, I was no closer to being a trader than the first day I walked into one of the Schools.

Most of the instructions and examples were on past performances. Drawing lines for supply and demand, when you already know the outcome, doesn’t make you ready for trading. It is a recipe for disaster.

I was willing to take my losses (which were quite a sum of money) and find a job to pay for my losses.

Then I met Sunny.

From day one, after a brief conversation with Sunny, I knew I had the right person to teach me trading.

Sunny has a world of knowledge and is not afraid of sharing it with you. She can be stern at times, but listen to what she says—it’s for a reason. There are no short cuts to success! Everything she teaches you has a purpose.

Sunny will trade with you and may question your decision on why you took the trade. Even if you were right, she is making sure it wasn’t a wild guess and you understand why you made the trade. You’re not just another person to Sunny. Sunny is very passionate about what she does.

If Sunny can make a trader out of a kid from the Bronx, like me, she can work miracles.

Billy Coyle

"I can't do without you! Our conversations will always" -Billy C.

"Loved your articles on System Design and Testing in TASC [Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine]. Are you going to write more articles on the subject?" -Alvin H.

AYes, Alvin. In fact I am writing 16 of them in a series. TASC publishes them whenever they have space. Call the editor and ask for them to bump up Sunny's articles. Thanks. -Sunny

"TSME is better than the Hardy Boys. I can't put it down." -Adam R.

"I always trust Sunny's market projections.  Last November when the market was dropping, Sunny said the market would return to make new highs, while most others were calling for a crash.  Boy, was she right.  Nothing speaks like the voice of experience.  Thank you Sunny!" -Frank Z.

ATo read Sunny's latest market predictions, go to the "Sunny Side of the Street."

"I purchased your SunnyBands for Multicharts just over a year ago.  Do you have a version of the Bands for NinjaTrader... I have been considering moving my charting to Ninja Trader and wanted to continue using the Bands." -Nick F. Sorry Nick, not yet. Keep using TradeStation. I'm glad you rely on SunnyBands. -S.

Thank you for the update. And, yes, I am making lots of money.  I just couldn't trade when the DMA wasn't there.  -Frank Z.

Version 13 is sweet. -Don T.

"TSME is the best book I've ever read." -Ricardo P.

"Great book. Wish I had found it earlier." -Peter S.

"Sunny, I heard that this book (TSME) is the best way to learn TradeStation's interface." -Murray Ruggiero

"Sunny, please turn back on my SunnyBands! I can't live without it." -John K.

"Dear Dr. Harris,
Thanks for writing TSME - I just started using it yesterday and it is quite fun." -Louis C.

"TSME is an important service to the independent trader. Thanks! (and WHEW!)" -Stacey H.

"Your dynamicaverage is a beautiful thing and again thank you for allowing me see it in action." -John S.

"Good day.  My name is Jeanne Z---.  I wanted to write to express that I enjoyed your presentation on  Are you going to evaluate Suri Duddella in "Grading the Gurus' Book"? (Suri   I have his Suri Bands and K Trend indicators.  I mimicked the overlay of the two data streams  as you showed with your SunnyBands and it has been valuable to me.  The rule with the Attractor for profit target and the counter trend move back to the mid-line  is dead onThank you for sharing.  Today I am going to figure out how to add the volume indicator you gave at the end.  Presently, I use  an alarm that tells me when the mini-Russell is over 850, yet I would like to know the pace prior also.   The reversal signals provided by general candlestick analysis , with exuberant pace, with the piercing of the outer bands is a high probability, low risk trade.

Besides trading commodities, I am a Jazzercise instructor where I live in New York City.  The headquarters is near you in Carlsbad, CA.  It is a great way to exercise since heart disease is the number one killer of woman.  Have you ever tried it? 

Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge."
-Jeanne Z.


Thanks for your kind comments. At this time I am thinking about having a second volume (or maybe even a third), of "Grading the Gurus." So many people are suggesting additional gurus to add, and to test. And, after only a few gurus, the book is already over 300 pages.

I do not have Suri's software, so of course I cannot test it. If you would like to suggest to him that if he were to provide me his software (as all the other gurus have) that I would be willing to test it and add his interview and the results to the book, then I would appreciate the introduction.



"I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to tell you that I just this week got a copy of your book [TradeStation Made Easy!]. It’s excellent, and clearly a giant effort. Congratulations! Somehow it had fallen off my radar until one of my associates had it lying on his desk. And thank you for the references to me." -Perry Kaufman (author of "New Trading Systems and Methods")

"As I've delved into this discipline [trading & coding], your DMA is the gold standard.  Nothing really comes close.
Thank you for your time, your expertise and your generosity." -Frank Z. 

"I enjoyed the book ("TradeStation Made Easy!") as it really organized the task at hand, and descrbes a logical and approachable roadmap to solving the trading problem." -John M.

"On the TradeStation web site, I watched, with a great deal of interest, your "Spotlight on..." presentation, "Strategies and Secrets for Successful Back-Testing." -David C.

"I'm at 12% of your book TradeStation Made Easy! ( using Multicharts since yesterday).

I must say I love it ! U were right, probably the best way for me as a beginner to get all the important roots of this activity.

I love the way U wrote the book, it's like having U in the same room and taking an individual class; everything is extremely clear!

( I have to tell U 1 of my great friends here in LA has been successfully doing automated trading for himself for 15 years and nicely living of it, he's really willing to teach me things but since he's a big time party person, it's not always easy ! So U're being very helpfull right now ! )

What makes me even more excited is that I can see strong similarities between what I've learnt and praticed for the last 2 years in my day trading activities and your way of thinking for optimizing swing trades  (for example I see your PHW indicator like a swing luxury version of my basic intraday ranger scan :-)   ). I'm feeling that I m putting pieces of puzzle together, and everything is clearer and clearer.

Alright I go back reading!"

-Pascal G.

"Love your book "Tradestation Made Easy"!" - Andrew H.

"I traded great on Thursday with SunnyBands! But, on Friday I didn't have them and I got my butt handed to me!" -Dean J.

"Thought I’d share my first day results.  $1K was my target, so I’m very pleased.  DMA and SunnyBands rock! Thanks for all your help so far!" -Dean J.

"Thank you for your excelent book (TSME) , please continue good work." -Sean F.

"I've been reading your book "TradeStation Made Easy", and must say that it is fabulous.
It's allowed me to learn and understand easy language code, allowing me to test ideas which I only thought were possible by learning C++, C#, or Javascript coding." -Atsushi O.

" I have read your book (Tradestation Made Easy….great tool!) Thanks so much and keep up the excellent teaching work!" -Chase M.

"[Your] DMA is an amazing tool.  Thank you for all that you do." -Frank Z. (student & client)

Hello Sunny,

I have read your Trading 101 and 102 books several times. I recommend them to my clients often. Residing in Australia, I teach traders how to control emotions (and some Technical Analysis).

I have a small group of clients (~500) and send free newsletters to them once a month.

I would like to include your step by step section on pages 161-162 of Trading 101 in my newsletter giving you and your book full credit.

Will you permit me to do this?

-Sinan Koray


I would be honored.


"Recently I came across your book on Easylanguage [TSME] which quite impressed me, especially the Preface where you give your story of how your "programming life" developed along with the change in technology, something which I lived thru' as well.... So, thank you for writing the book. Many thanks, and keep up your good work."   -Paul A.

"Thanks, Sunny, you made short work of something that I'm sure I would've struggled for many days to produce." -Jim W.

"I also want to thank you for writing the "TradeStation Made Easy" book.  I have just barely started working with it, but it has already opened up endless possiblities for exploring my trading ideas.  I had worked with the TradeStation manuals and tutorial videos, but kept hitting dead ends.  Now I am very excited to be programming and advancing my thoughts.  Thank you very very much!" -Joseph H.

"Thank you for a nice presentation on MultiCharts seminar recently.
I have also read your book, Mastering Easylanguage, excellent work you've done there!" -Bjorn I.

[Author's Note: It never ceases to amaze me how many titles get attributed to me. I'm pretty sure he means "TradeStation Made Easy!"]

"Great book! Sunny has a real talent for explaining complex ideas in simple terms." -James W.

"Thank-you for your straightforward and complete treatment of the process of system development. No one else presents this so clearly." -Jamie G.

"First of all, I would like to say thank you for writing a great book [TradeStation Made Easy!] on how to get started with EasyLanguage." -James A.

"I also want to thank you for writing the "TradeStation Made Easy" book.  I have just barely started working with it, but it has already opened up endless possiblities for exploring my trading ideas.  I had worked with the TradeStation manuals and tutorial videos, but kept hitting dead ends.  Now I am very excited to be programming and advancing my thoughts.  Thank you very very much!" -Joe H.

"Great website." -John O.

"I was on the webinar that you gave.  First of all, great voice.  Secondly,  I really appreciate the tempo at which you gave the webinar; it’s perfect for certain clients." -Eric C.

"Saw Your webinar via Multi Charts. I am VERY impressed! And pleased!"   Harry W.

"Loved your book and at least 4 of my trading buddies have bought it based on my recommendation.  Can’t wait for your work on the work on the “gurus” systems." -Stephen H.

About Sunny's Books

"Loved your book and at least 4 of my trading buddies have bought it based on my recommendation.  Can’t wait for your work on the work on the “gurus” systems." -Stephen H.

"I bought your book and successfully back tested your strategy but didn't have the guts to just let it run wild." -Joe D.

Joe: Good! Don't ever trust anything to "run wild." I haven't found anything worthy of that.

"Bought your TS book...Love it!" -Greg C.

"Awesome book [TSME!]!" -Matt D.

"I am enjoying your book [TSME!] immensely. It looks like I will be able to use the power of Tradestation to enhance my trading/investing.: -Craig C.

"Am currently reading your TSME book on my is great book very lucid in nature.." -Riky Z.

"I've just purchased a copy of TradeStation Made Easy and wow it certainly delivers!
There is just one thing I was disappointed with however. After struggling with 2d and 3d arrays I was hopping to find your clarity and incite applied to here but strangely they're barely covered. Dare I think maybe you had the same trouble :-)"

-John H.

Hi Sunny
I have gained much from reading 'Trading 101' and have already purchased 'Trading 102'.  Your writing is lucid and clear, and I have lots of work ahead of me.
Best regards, Deanna

From Comments:

5.0 out of 5 stars Best easy language Programming guide, December 11, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: TradeStation Made Easy!: Using EasyLanguage to Build Profits with the World's Most Popular Trading Software (Wiley Trading) (Kindle Edition)
This book is very well written. If you want to learn on how to Program and write Code in Easy Language then this book is for you.
This book will not teach you successful trading, but will teach you how can you write Successful Easy Language Code (which may or may not bring profits!).

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Trade Station Made Easy!,
Don R. Thomson "DrT" (Milwaukie, OR. United States)

This book is a must have for anyone who is starting out in building a Trading system. Other reviewers may have disliked that it doesn't have advanced TradeStation topics. Thus the title. If you already know your way around Trade Station 9.0 then obviously you don't want this book. But If, like me you are new to Trade Station then this book rocks. I created my first WINNING strategy from a code fragment in this book. My strategy gets a CPC score of 3.4 on the S&P eMini 500. If you don't know what a CPC score is, Read The Book. As a new and aspiring TRADER Sunny will totally hook you up with all the knowledge you need to start finding out what you don't know. She's got a PhD. in Mathematics for crying out loud. Other people have denigrated Ralph Vince's book "The Mathematics of Money Management" Sunny corrected it. Nuf said.

Don R. Thomson, Enterprise Architect - Trader.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book

I read good things about the author and the book so I received the book with high expectations. With over 700 pages, this book is packed with great information. I started very quickly dog-earing pages for future reference, and I was doing it so often that I ended up using sticky notes to help quickly get to pages for future use. It should be noted that this is not a beginner's book in how to set up TradeStation on your computer and logging into your account. This reference is much more advanced with examples in the methods of getting things done once you are past the newbie stage and desire getting some real work done. Harris is very clear in her writing, and it is obvious she has used the product enough to know what the average user will be thinking and experiencing. 

Topics covered include the use of Easy Language and an explanation of programming methods for non-programmers, development of trading signals with examples, reporting of expected results, and warnings of what not to do (i.e. curve-fitting, which is the selection of data that is likely to give the desired results but not likely to be the future expected results). 

The discussion on optimization alone makes this reference guide well worth getting a copy. Harris instructs the reading in using some of the lessor known features of TradeStation so that the reader can automatically test and record an idea using different variables. This powerful technique can save massive amounts of time compared to doing it manually, and perhaps multitudes of the cost of the book in better results. 

As someone who prefers to gain my information from a book rather then searching ad nauseum online, I really love the appendixes that are included. Included are Formulas, Reserved Words, User Groups (for the times you do need to go online to find what you want), Built-in Functions, Indicators and more. Plus I like having easy to understand descriptions of what they are and what they do. Much better in my opinion than even the software platform's help. 

If you are using TradeStation and want to use more powerful trading, scanning, analyzing, and back-testing components TradeStation Made Easy is a great way to implement improvements immediately. It is easy to see that Harris eats what she cooks when it comes to TradeStation advice. I attribute the fast pace of my absorbing the content as a result of Harris actually trading and using the product. It is hard to substitute real world experience and you do not have to when learning the methods taught. 

If you use TradeStation (and you should be), get a copy of this book.

4.0 out of 5 stars Good reference for Easy Language programmers,
Bronte W. Savage (Chicago)
This review is from: TradeStation Made Easy!: Using EasyLanguage to Build Profits with the World's Most Popular Trading Software (Wiley Trading) (Paperback)
The book is well written and covers much of what a trading programmer needs. It does assume that you have some basic knowledge of Easy Language and have read the basic manuals that come with the software. A lot of work went into the writing and will be a significant value to advanced programmers.
5.0 out of 5 stars Easy It Will Become
This review is from: TradeStation Made Easy!: Using EasyLanguage to Build Profits with the World's Most Popular Trading Software (Wiley Trading) (Paperback)
Sunny Harris writes so you can read it while enjoying doing so and learning at the same time. She's a terrific writer! Unlike many boring trading books, her books are page turners. I'm fairly new to TradeStation. I've found that her book easily leads me through the steps like no manual does. This starts with guidance opening up the program and leading you seamlessly through to developing your own trading strategies. Moreover, Sunny includes a profitable system in the book. 
Additionally, the book is packed with reference material at the end including where to find all the commands, explanations of error messages and a list of the most used commands. It's really convenient to have it all in one place, instead of wading through through the TradeStation manuals and help files which can be difficult to decipher. 
There is no other book like this out there. All the other TradeStation books go from too basic to increasingly advanced within a few pages. 
"TradeStation Made Easy!" is a masterful book written by a master trader.

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Much needed book on TradeStation

This is an awesome book, for anyone from a beginner to an accomplished TradeStation user. 
For anyone serious about trading, it will be a invaluable tool that will save you countless 
hours. This book adresses many facets, from the development of your own indicators to the 
design of a dynamic and profitable trading system. 

Thank you Sunny for a great book !

4 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book!
This review is from: TradeStation Made Easy!: Using EasyLanguage to Build Profits with the World's Most Popular Trading Software (Wiley Trading) (Paperback)
Received my book about a week ago - and am reading it avidly. 
It is a great book. 
Have one question though. 
Are the Figures available in color on your Web-site, Sunny? 
This would help in reading some of the plots. 
Thanks and looking forward to getting on and reading the rest on the book. 
Although I can already program in Easy Language - I have found some insightful stuff in the first two chapters already!! 
Thanks for being you!!

"...using your bands now with great success! You the best Sunny!" -Eric G.

Sunny, this new strategy technique [SunnyBands] seems like taking candy from a baby.  $1000/day simulated profit for last two days using 2 contracts. -Peggy S.

They even work for me :-)  It means that I made money today using the SunnyBands because they trumped my old emotional style of trading.  -John K.

Hey Sunny!

I just wanted to say that your book Tradestation Made Easy! is fantastic! I am 17 years old and this summer I had the opportunity of a lifetime to work for a commodities trader at NYMEX. I come from a blue collar family and to see the money running around the place was just incredible. With enough hard work and dedication I hope to become a successful trader someday. Towards the end of the internship I started to fool around with tradestation and the easy language system. I started by copying indicators and programing them into strategies the for fun. Long story short my boss was impressed. So I picked up your book and started reading it on the trains to and from work everyday. I certainly learned alot. I actually couldnt put it down. -Eric G.


I have been reading your Easy Language book and it has been helpful.

Could I please have a password for the PHW indicator?


Archie D.



I'd be happy to send you a trial of the indicator. All I need is your TradeStation Customer Number and Network ID. These can be found in the Help - About menu sequence.



Hi Sunny,

I am enjoying your Book: "Tradestation Made Easy".
It is giving me the information I need to develop trading strategies on TS. - David H.


dear sunny,I am finding your book a bit of a challenge, unless its me which it could be ,i am finding lots of stuff that does not make sense,may be your 88 year old mum
who is almost blind can be forgiven for proofreading,this is not an attack on you or your dear old mum ,just an honest view,from someone attempting to learn
easy language programming,have you got a list of typo's i can amend in my book before i try to make sense of  what you are saying,eg page 217 under example -1 should be 1.
page 226,sentence"are shown in fig 10.11 and 10.12 should be 10.12 and 10.13,when you say you don't use "period" in naming you variables it took me ten minutes to
understand you meant full stop(that could be Americanism ),I could be your new proof reader,sorry mum,(you or your mum may never speak to me again so i do sincerely apologise in advance) but would appreciate a typo list.


Thank you for your comments.
No one else has yet reported any typos.
Thank you for the two you found. I’ll have them changed in any second editions.
Considering the lazy method of your email, however, I cannot accept your offer of proof reading.
Most people have reported that they love the book, so I must take your struggles with a pound of salt.
If you need any consulting, I am available to assist. Perhaps you need a few lessons.


dear sunny,
                 It would appear I've upset you which was not my intention but in your business ,IE marketing yourself and you products constructive criticism is invaluable,
by the way it's "a pinch of salt" not "a pound of salt",wow your return on you personal trading,that is incredible,no i mean really incredible you should be on the rich list,
usa!!,I believed contacting you sunny instead of blasting you products on the web was far more productive,I would not mention your return to any serious traders or you will lose a lot of credibility .look I only want to learn easy language prog so i can automate my systems,if I see any things in your book that I believe
are incorrect i'll contact you and you can decide for yourself,but please don't shoot the messenger,
regards ry

"I just purchased your new book and love it so far. ... Thanks again for the great book." -Gary A.

Hi Sunny. I just got done reading you "Electronic Day Trading 101." It's the first book I've read on trading. I learned so much more than what I expected trading to be. Most people (even me) think trading is like gambling. After reading your book, I realized it is a profession. I am going to continue my journey to becoming a successful day/speed trader. -Fuad A. (see Qs & As for more)

“Dear Sunny,

I recently purchased your book (on my Kindle) TradeStation Made Easy! and wanted to send you my sincere thanks and appreciation for not making TradeStation a poor decision on my part!  I don't consider myself a genius but also don't believe I'm dimwitted either (I'm an Annapolis grad), that was until I started trying to go through the TS Manual....after 5 minutes, I began a search for a better "manual" and came across your book.  10 minutes after purchasing it, I knew I made the right decision!  The Kindle features have allowed me to move forward/backward and highlight to my content (of which, in your book, I was doing a little too much of--the entire thing became yellow!).  I still have a million questions (as I'm sure most TS beginners do!) but as I get through (and back and forward) your book, more and more of them get answered with ease!  I'll leave this email simply, again, with my deepest thanks!!

All the best,

Sean Donovan"

"I just recently purchased you book "Tradestation Made Easy" and am working my way through the course.  Thank you for writing it." -Peter W.

from SFO Magazine: "Another book that contains an enormous amount of useful information and guidance for the new trader is Trading 101 by Sunny Harris. It covers a number of areas not addressed in most books on trading such as recommendations on trading literature, sources of information and data, selection of a broker and data source, software selection, evaluation of seminars and conferences, clubs and professional organizations, and many other practical considerations. Many of the questions that new traders have, which go unanswered elsewhere, will be answered in this valuable resource." - Ed Dobson

"Thanks for writing TSME – what wealth of information you’ve provided, and with a really engaging writing style. I literally read your book in 3 days! It reads like a conversation, yet it’s packed with a wealth of extremely useful trading tactics and trading discipline gems. Keep writing – I can’t wait to read your next book!" -David I.

"Dear Editor:

Congratulations on your new magazine [SFO]! I am enjoying it very much. In particular, the article by Sunny Harris in July (“To Trade or Not to Trade…That Is the Question”) was very insightful.

I’d like to see you do an article on setting up a home office for trading – the computer hardware, monitors, Internet connections, whatever you feel would be a good setup. I believe a section on computer trading technology, hardware and software would be useful to a large group of readers."

—George Y., Fort Dix, NJ

"Thank you so much for today's session. You are a super coach." -Peggy S.

"Sunny, Sunny, I'm about 55 pages into "TradeStation Made Easy." So far, so good! Thanks, great book. I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn." -Kevin S.

"I just finished reading your book (twice) [TSME] – it’s dog-eared and highlighted, sitting on my desk. Thanks for writing it!" -David I.

"I've just purchased a copy of TradeStation Made Easy and wow it certainly delivers!

There is just one thing I was disappointed with however. After struggling with 2d and 3d arrays I was hopping to find your clarity and incite applied to here but strangely they're barely covered." -John H.


No, I don’t have any trouble with arrays. But I did think that covering them should be left to my writing of a more advanced book.

Arrays are concepts that most people don’t understand at all, much less how to program with them. It is an advanced mathematical concept.
So, in the introduction, I think I mentioned that I would not cover them.

At some point I will probably tackle writing the second book in that series.

If you need individual help with arrays, or anything else, I’m available.

[I don't have the hardcopy of "TradeStation Made Easy!",] "but do own the Kindle edition of your latest book (nice job, BTW)." -Gary A.

After a long losing streak, I started using SunnyBands last week and I'm already making profits! I can't tell you how happy I am I met you and got your indicators. I've had 13 winning trades in a row now!

-John K.

Clare White, CMT wrote:

Sunny -

I referenced your book in a trading plan project a couple of years back and definitely appreciate your advocacy for the "have & trade your plan."


"I recently picked up your book "TradeStation Made Easy!". I am a newcomer to programming and even more so to EasyLanguage. I have been working with financial markets for the last 9 or so years with the intial four or so years, spent primarily as a fundamental investor / analyst. However, over the last five or so years, I developed an inclination towards technical analysis and that too towards quantitative trading strategies. But then as a poet to programming, I did not venture towards coding my systems into some kind of programming systems. Instead, I stuck to Excel. And which is what I have been using for the last five or so years as my programming tool!

Then I recently came across TS in search for a better tool and then located your book as a way to learn it. It is an excellent book and I am extremely thankful to you for putting it together."

-Baijnath R.

"I got your SunnyBands trial indicator, and I started using it a few days ago. I've already made money with it!" -John K.

"I just wanted to say thanks again for posting the Haps&Hazards Presentation with its slides. This information came to me as confirmation that a system I have been researching and developing will not hold up in the future. I found this performance issue during a manual walk-forward analysis but struggled to accept it as valid because the strategy is supposedly based on a valid premise. Your presentation confirmed my critical analysis and increased my ability to spot such problems in the future. You also increased my knowledge and skill level overall in regards to data set selection and testing methodologies. Thanks again for your help!" - Andy

"Thank you for your contributions to the trading community. I have your Trading 101 and Trading 102 books and I am looking forward to reading your new book. I see that you will be presenting "Haps & Hazards of BackTesting" on May 20th and June 15th. It currently looks like I will be unable to attend those presentations. I respect you and your work and I believe that your presentation is very important to my education as a trader/system developer. Will there be other opportunities for me to attend a different presentation or get this type of information another way? If not, please take note that you are generating interest from your readers on this subject. Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

Andrew D."

ANSWER: Andrew, if you will click on Seminars, you can view past and upcoming seminars, and download slides. Sometimes the website of the host organization will have audio saved and you can listen to that.

"I bought your book in local book store (in HK).  I know it's a bit cheaper in Amazon, however, I cannot wait .....
Overall, the book is really good for beginner like me, I like it very much." - Aidan C.

"Thanks again for your personal involvement to my questions. I have found you to be delightful to interact with and hope to keep in touch often.  

I am using the longer tickbar basis of intervals 5000 and higher and still see something in this code that clicks to me. I realize the the bar after the paintbar is LATE, and the actual signal does not happen until somewhere in the later cycle of the 2nd bar AFTER the paintbar has formed. I was under the impression none of the studies produced signals until a tickbar has fully closed, but with his code that is not the case. I also have been in touch with Ron Black on his Clear Channel method in conjunction with this code you helped me with. I am hoping between all of this and reading your book over extensively several times, I will be able to code what I am looking at shortly. 

"Tradestation Made Easy!" is worth the time and money to invest in."



"It is such a pleasure to be able to speak with you again. You are highly regarded and it is frequently requested that I send you manuscripts to review and it is an honor for me to do so." -Editor at John Wiley & Sons

"You are a terriffic writer! Your books are page-turners. I enjoy every minute of reading your books." -Stu R.

"I also bought your "TradeStation Made Easy!" book. The book is also terrific, I can’t put it down." -Robert V.

"Just finished reading your book [TSME] the first time through.  Attempting to roll up the key learning and get the referenced materials from your web site.  Been working on learning EasyLanguage since November or so and your book is a huge assist in learning to speak the language." -Stephen H.

Regarding TSME: "It is an excellent book and I am extremely thankful to you for putting it together." -Baijnath R.

"TradeStation users have been waiting a long time for a great primer to the trading platform.
Thank you for writing it ("TradeStation Made Easy!").

It's been a pleasure working and meeting with you.

Since our meeting the strategies have produced 10 positive trades in a row.  But there is still always more to refine and learn."

-Frank Z.

Hello Sunny :
Received my book ["TradeStation Made Easy!"] about a week ago - and am reading it avidly.
It is a great book.
Have one question though.
Are the Figures available in color on your Website?
This would help in reading some of the plots.
Thanks and looking forward to getting on and reading the rest on the book.
Although I can already program in Easy Language - I have found some insightful stuff in the first two chapters already!!
Thanks for being you!!
Best regards
-Don S.

ANSWER: What a great idea. I'll get to it right away.
Start checking the link called "TradeStation Made Easy!" on the left side of my main website page.
Check back OFTEN, until I get it completed. -Sunny

Sunny's Indicators
"Sunny, please turn back on my SunnyBands! I can't live without it." -John K.
  "All I can say is WOW! These signals are fantastic!" -Mike U.

"Your indicators are brilliant." -Frank Z.

"My Lord, it is amazing! Wow!" -Frank Z.


"I have found Sunny's indicators to be the most valuable and the most precise of all methods in my years as a part-time trader in the currency markets. 

When her SJH pennant, SJH histogram, SJH dynamic average and SJH bands are used on multiple time frames, a trader can get a grip where support and resistance levels are to be drawn. 

This enables the trader (short or long) the opportunity to enter a trade with confidence when used in conjunction with a breakout of a volume-based indicator and/or a CCI indicator with settings of your own trading style. 

Other indicators by themselves present a false sense of security.  Sunny's indicators tell you when the environment and the time is right.  To say Sunny's work is a part of my trading system would be misleading.  Sunny's work IS my trading system."

-Anthony P.


"Out of everything I’ve tested, you have the best thing going." -Mark O.

Sunny's Webinars

"Very good info about back-testing." -David W.

"...most interesting and timely." -Mike U.

"...really enjoyed the webinar." -David P.

"I thank you very much for your insight regarding back-testing. I found it beneficial for me." -Achmad B.

"Can't wait for your book to hit the shelves!" -Walter S.

Sunny's Lecture at Traders' Expo in Las Vegas

"Why doesn't anyone else tell us the truth like Sunny does?" -name withheld

  "Hi Sunny- Met you briefly at the Expo and I enjoyed your presentation. If you're offering to send out the presentation you did at the Expo, I'd like a copy. Also, I'd really like to enter the drawing for the consultation with you." -Natalie
  "Enjoyed your presentation." -Mark Christensen
  "It was a pleasure to meet you during LV show." -Herbert
  "I greatly enjoyed your presentation at Trader's Expo." -Michael Rabinoff
Regarding our Newsletter "The Sunny Side of the Street"
   "I am still amazed by your ability to call Attractors.  For instance today's 25.0 and 25.50!  Great calls!  I can see them in hindsight, but not in the future." -Duane Thompson
  "Sunny, tonight's analysis is fantastic.  I can't believe new subscribers are being let in on such wonderful insights into trading.  You aren't keeping the secrets from us but rather opening them up in real time trading.  Thank you for your open and honest discussion of the trading process.  The learning process is as important to me as the tips on good trades.  I promise to show that you are an excellent teacher and I am a good student eventually!" -Duane
  "Good call on QQQ."  -Larry Powell
  "Very helpful to my trading." -Ty Fowler

"In general, your Commentary has been extraordinarily helpful and right on target.  I deeply appreciate your willingness to give time to individual contacts.  I believe your Commentary has great potential when enough traders realize what you are doing.

Your Commentaries have been excellent.  They have been very specific and have dealt with numerous reasons for the positions taken and expectations for the day to come.  They have introduced various indicators and the reasoning behind them.  They have been excellent teaching tools because they do not just give results, they give the basis on which these results are established.  

There are so many subtleties in trading and small comments here and there help the student to get inside the teacher’s thought processes.  Your regular caution to be nimble helps the student recognize the fragility of this market and the potentials for disaster.  Your comments that the market can go either way are straightforward and honest, because that is exactly what the market will do.  Does “the market” even know where it is going??"

-Duane Thompson

Regarding Sunny's "Solving the Puzzle" Seminar

"Dear Sunny,
Just a note to tell you how much I appreciated the seminar and even this contractor from Oregon (with no prior investment experience!) got so much out of it.  It will take me a while to sort through all that I heard and begin to apply it.  You truly have a gift to teach and it will be a loss to all of us when you have to give it up.


You are such an inspiring person!  It was a great pleasure to meet you and to learn from you.
Kamila Kowalke

"Sunny - thanks for the great weekend!  Really enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to working with you in the weeks and months to come.

I was a professional voyeur for about 15 years (a newspaper and television reporter), and during that time, I got the chance to meet a lot of fascinating people.  You're one of the most interesting I've ever had the opportunity to get to know.

All the best,

Stan Wilson "

  "This program is the best thing ever. " -Aslan Mirkalami

"Dear Sunny:

Thanks for a great seminar.  I am now able to do so much more than I could before.  Your seminar has given me renewed energy to all my trading activities.  I spoke to the head of the Omega User Group here, recommending your course and hopefully other people will apply.

This seminar is essential for anyone who wants to become a successful systems trader."

-Chris Belchamber

Note: Chris has been trading since 1986:  analyst, arbitrage trader, running market-making desk, proprietary trader at investment banks and then independently.



Just a quick note to thank you and Pewter for the San Francisco conference.  As a non-techie, Creative Writing major, I'd be less than honest if I didn't tell you I was a bit frustrated at times.  I knew next-to-nothing about EasyLanguage Programming [before the class.]  But, I was, and still am, determined to learn.  In the two weeks since the conference, I've had a ball playing with TradeStation.  I'm still in the crawling stage, but I'll be up and walking before you know it.

You introduced me to two or three gems of knowledge that were well worth the cost of the conference by themselves.  Before your conference, I had never even considered what my goals were, at least not in concrete terms.  And, I never really considered what markets I should trade, and in what time periods.  This, I now understand, is critical.  A trader must know his own needs, risk tolerance, and personality.  It's as if a light bulb flashed on in my head.  And now I'm one giant step closer to meeting my trading goals, thanks to your help. "

-Stan Wilson


Good morning,
I enjoyed reading both your books, 101 and 102.  Thanks.  
At this time, I fully admit, I don't have the ability to trade on my own.  I would like to know if you know anybody that has a managed account program that I could trade with.  I would like someone that has your sense and commitment.

-Paul Nisenbaum

  "Sunny-- Thanks for clarifying system trading to a totally unsystematic guy." -Ed Pellegrini
  "After personally attending countless peak performance seminars with the world's best at what do, reading numerous investment books in addition to being coached personally, daily,  by one of the Worlds leading Wealth Masters--I am convinced that Sunny's seminar is a must to anyone seriously committed to making money in the stock market." -Kevin Teeple

If you are really interested in using Omega's EasyLanguage and are frustrated by Omega's lack of tutorials, the Sunny Harris' seminar is for you.

I heard you speak at Futures West.  I contacted you to get information on using EasyLanguage because I found the gap between Omega's manual and the only reference book I could find, Ask Mr. EasyLanguage, to be too great for me to understand.

-Michael Kimber

  "The pace is fast and the information Sunny provides is invaluable whether you are a novice or an expert ... Sunny is truly a Master Trader." -Don McKinnon

"Sunny has condensed years of her experience and delivered the information in a very understandable format.  Without a doubt this is the best EasyLanguage training I have ever had." -Scott Doll


"Dear Sunny:

I took one of your tutorials this past weekend at the Day Trading Expo and I really enjoyed it. Unlike several other "instructors" you were organized presented your information in a clear, understandable manner. I have a couple of questions if you have a few free minutes to respond.

1. You recommended TradeStation over the other trading programs. Which data provider do you recommend since Omega supports DTN, PCQuotes, BMI and eSignal?  I read through some of your Q & A on your website, and it said you use a data provider other than one of these. Why?

2. Why do you use TC2000 when Omega provides the same capabilities?

3. Re: configuring a computer setup with two screens (one for trading and one for Omega), would you recommend two separate computers or a work station that has two CPUs?

Thanks again."

Kevin Cooper, Los Angeles, CA


Kevin:  Thanks for asking.

1. Actually, I don't recommend TradeStation over all other trading programs, as I use several in my everyday work.  I do use TS for my own historical testing, however, and I love the program.  The datafeed I use with TS is Signal by Data Broadcasting, which is now called eSignal.

2. Omega does not yet (even with RadarScreen) provide the fast scans of the entire stock market for set criterion.  For instance, to sort through 25,000 stocks to find the few that have been in a narrow trading range for the past 10 days is much easier with TC2000.  I can hardly wait for the release of TradeStation that will do that.

3.  I've used two screens (and more) and two computers and more.  I find that using a separate computer for my trading software (Omega, Equis, whatever) is the best, as I minimize the risk of any software conflicts and crashes.

Sunny's Books and other presentations

"I wish you: Be Number 1 in Amazon’s books ranking." -David W.

  "Without a clear understanding of the correct basics of trading you'll never succeed in this business. Sunny Harris' Trading 102: Getting Down to Business will give you the correct basics of trading in an easy to learn format. This book will jump start the success of anyone who has not figured out the truth of trading." -- Larry Williams, Trader and Author

"Your books (Trading 101 and Trading 102) were among the first I read and they did two things for me.
 - I avoided spending money on a GANN based system because I realized there was no holy grail trading system.
 - Your books pointed me in the right direction."

-Eugene D.

  "Trading 102 is the perfect sequel to Trading 101. Sunny Harris brings all of the essential ingredients together and presents a concise step by step plan of action. I am amazed at the wide range of material she was able to squeeze into this very enjoyable book." -- Charles LeBeau, Author, trading advisor, founder of the System Traders Club

"Dear Sunny:

Your presentation to the Market Analysts of Southern California (MASC) at our October meeting was excellent. On behalf of our organization, I wish to thank you for what was truly a most enlightening talk on the basics every trader and investor should know to make investing in the financial markets a success.

Your discussions on goal setting, investment time horizons, sources of information and data, computers, charting software, system development/testing, and performance evaluation were very instructive. The high interest and enthusiasm you displayed during your talk conveyed an in-depth understanding of what is required to succeed in the markets. The details of Trading 101 which your shared will prove beneficial to many. We have received many fine compliments on you and your work.

Thank you again for your very fine presentation." -Stan Harley, President MASC


Dear Sunny:

I've just bought and read "Trading 101" and "Trading 102". I wish I had known about them before I started trading. They are terrific. Thank you very much for writing them. They give so much clear, no nonsense direction.  

On your advice to get a decent charting program I bought MetaStock. With this I am hoping to find markets with a reasonable PHW™ and a system with a positive mathematical expectation.

On page 49 of "Trading 102" you state that MetaStock provides your PHW indicator "as a built-in indicator". I can't find that looking through the MetaStock user's manual. Would they be using another name for it, or do I have to conduct an exploration using its formula language?

Whilst talking about their formula language, I'm worried that it may beat me. I'm a bit of whiz on spreadsheet macro's and functions, mainly Lotus 123, so I can handle formulae, etc., but can you suggest a good MetaStock language/function tutor to help me acquire the necessary knowledge to construct exploration queries and system tests?

Thanks again for a great set of books. I admire your intelligence and work ethic.

Alan Pickering
4 Francis Street, Clarence Park, South Australia 5034, Australia



At the time I wrote the book, the PHW indicator was available for MetaStock on diskette.  They told me they would provide it in the software.  Let me look into the problem and see if they will fix it, or I'll put the indicator on The Money Mentor for download.

There is no easy way to learn a new language, even a new programming language like MetaStock.  The best way is exercise, practice, learn one step at a time, and make mistakes.  You will learn more from your mistakes than from your instant successes.

Probably the easiest thing to do would be to attend a local MetaStock User's Group meeting.  

The Equis MetaStock help desk is actually very helpful, if you can call them.  MetaStock's language is very much like spreadsheet languages.  Otherwise, I am available at my standard fee.

Thanks for your comments.  I appreciate the feedback.


PS - My third book will be released tomorrow:  "Electronic Day Trading 101."


From: Mary E Fischer


I am a recent user of Trade Station and have a lot of trouble using EasyLanguage. Are there any Internet newsgroups that you know of that would entertain basic as well as advanced questions? Also, I've been searching for a reference book beyond what is included with Trade Station. Any ideas? I think Trade Station can be useful but find I am wasting a lot of time trying to figure out how to code what I consider very simple ideas. Any information would be greatly appreciated.  By the way, your two books sit on my desk constantly and are beginning to show the wear and tear of constant use! Thanks; hope you have more books in the pipeline.


Nice to hear from you, Mary.  Thanks for your kind words.  Yes, the pipeline is full.  I just completed "Electronic Day Trading 101", which is to be released October 22 at Barnes & Noble.  I'm about 3/4 through with "EasyLanguage Step-by-Step" which probably is exactly what you want.  Wanna help me?

Tell me the questions you have, and I'll answer them for you, and in the book.






Hi Sunny,

Your books are absolutely brilliant.
I have been trading for year and half now.
In this time I read a lot of books about trading and futures.
Both of your books are splendid, they put some kind of order into my poor confused brain.
I wish I would buy those books sooner.
I just loved your answers to members--they were so to the point--but your books are even better.
When you will publish "Trading 103"?
Thanks for sharing your experience with us.




Thanks so much for your kind words.
It always helps to get feedback, especially when it's positive.
I actually enjoyed the INO session, and would like to do it again.
There is no "Trading 103" coming. However, I just completed "Electronic Day Trading 101". I am told it will be on the shelves on October 22.


  I saw your ad in Omega Research Magazine.  You have an awesome web site; I love it.  Sincerely, James Orr, 

Dear Sunny, Trading 101 has been a wonderful tool ( a must ) for guys like me...... I have made now over 50 trades not losing money in any of them!!!!! the most i have had to hold a stock has been 5 weeks. I wanted to ask you a question on your book trading 101. On page 153 you show a performance summary which you have 11 winning trades and 9 losing trades. Do you sell all 20 securities including the 9 that are losing and keep all the principle and the net of $ 6275.00???? or do you just sell the winning stocks and hold the 9 that are losing money until they come up??? if they do!! Again thanks for teaching me so many of the basics, I still come back and study your book often. -Fidel Guerrero FIDEL60244 your other book out??

Fidel: Thanks, and it is wonderful to hear you are doing well with your trading. That's why I wrote the book! Now to answer your question. On page 153 I presented a performance summary report from TradeStation (by Omega Research), formed by trading (buying and selling) one stock 20 times. Each buy results in a sell and each sell results in a buy. I usually prefer reversal systems. The last trade was still open at the time of the report, so it shows up as an open position of $2,425. Thus, the net result is reallly $$8,700 at that point. I never, never would hold a security or commodity in hopes it would come back up. Cut your losses and hang onto the wins, not the other way around. Thanks for asking.
P.S. Trading 102-Getting Down to Business is at the publisher's and is to hit bookshelves in late August, 1998.


Dear Ms. Harris,
In reviewing your excellent book for the novice trader, Trading 101, I became aware of your most helpful web site as well. Being an advocate for the novice myself, some questions came immediately to mind.

1. In your list of commercial data vendors you make no mention of Worden Brothers. On page 99 you say some nice things about them and each year our readers vote them as the best stock data available. Just wondered if you knew something that precluded a mention of them.
2. On page 30 your discussion of browsers makes no mention of MS Internet Explorer. It is a rather large part of the browser market and I was just curious as to its lack of mention.

Bruce R. Faber
Staff Writer, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine

Thanks for asking, Bruce. At the time of the writing of Trading 101 IE was not yet available. It was in beta testing. As for Worden Bros, I only mention products with which I am familiar. I have made numerous calls to Worden Bros and even tried to call on them in person, but I have not gotten past the locked doors. They don't return my phone calls. With no personal knowledge of their product, I can't make any suggestions or recommendations. -Sunny

  Ms. Harris: Your book, Trading 101, is so terrific! Thanks loads. John Knapp
  Sunny, my wife & I are reading your book "Trading 101". We both comment that it is easy to read and understand. Full of common and no so common sense. Thank you, -Cameron 
  Happy New Year. I heard you on the KFNN (Phoenix, Az.) radio program hosted by Mark Seleznov recently and was impressed. I purchased your book "Trading 101" and enjoyed it very much. I'm a beginner but I didn't realize HOW MUCH of a beginner until I read your book. Its an excellent, conversational primer that has given me much valuable information. Thank you. I've registered to become a member of the Money Mentor site. -Edward L. Krufky
  Dear Sunny, I just wanted to say thanks to you for not forgetting about all of us new, aspiring traders. Your book "Trading 101" has been a great help to me. I am a physician who would like someday to produce the bulk of my income from trading. However I am a true novice. Taking your advice, I am currently "memorizing" the text "Technical Analysis of the Futures Market". My question is this: Which computer software would you recommend that I start with and secondly would you recommend that I start trading with a "canned" system or not? Thanks again and may God bless you with a Merry Christmas!! -Daniel Crow
  I recently completed your book "Trading 101". As someone with little knowledge of how the financial markets work I found it very helpful as an introduction to the subject. -Wayne R. Davis 
  Sunny, Yesterday I was in a bookstore looking at your book "Trading 101" and I found it to be very helpful for the beginner. -Donald Biggers
  Hi Sunny, I'm currently on Chapter 2 of your book, Trading 101. Very crisply written indeed! -Kenneth Ghata
  "Just bought Trading 101 Friday night. I'm almost done. A very comprehensive book. A must have. You alude to Trading 102 and the later to Trading 103. Are this available yet or is this two more projects you're working on? I found this web site from the book. I just got here and will be back many, many times. Thanks for the great Web site." -Donald M.R. Johnson
  "Oh, by the way, I bought Trading 101 and think it's great. I am a "retired" PSE options floor market maker who "blew out" years ago (1980); pity your book wasn't around back then. I would have lasted a lot longer, and perhaps even triumphed." -Steve Singer - 
  "Dear Ms. Harris: I just finished your book, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it, and how much I learned from it. I have just recently entered the stock brokerage field, and was quite overwhelmed with the amount and type of material one seems to need to know. You were able to provide a very straight forward, and organized approach to the business. Thank you for that. It was a wonderful book, and one that I will recommend to anyone who asks me for information." 
  "Being (or attempting to be) a new trader, I recently came across your book "Trading 101 - How To Trade Like A Pro", which I found to be a great book full of useful tips for beginners." -Uday Kilpady
  "This book is a must." -Bert Dohmen - (On Trading 101)
  "The Futures and options markets are growing at a tremendous rate fueled by the massive influx of new traders looking to get their share of the huge profits we all read about. Unfortunately, many who start trading lack knowledge of the most basic elements of trading in these volatile markets. 'Trading 101' is written exactly for them. It's a step-by-step "how to" guide that gives you all the trading basics and starts off as simple as A, B, C. Everything's covered." -Chris Meyers (Traders' Library)
  "This book is a MUST for new futures traders, which we feel should be REQUIRED reading before beginning to trade. Packed full of vital and necessary information on all the practical aspects of getting started in futures and options trading." -Ed Dobson (Traders Press) - (On Trading 101)
  "I just wanted to sincerely thank you for those of us who are starting in the trenches behind you. Your book has given me the confidence to continue on the trek of trading without having to doubt every positive thought that crosses my mind." -John Swope
  "You're incredible! You are so willing to help everybody. You're just wonderful!" -Kris Denning 
  "Say hi to Adrienne and thanks for the many great ideas on trading psyc that have helped me since the course. I had a great month in Dec thanks to you and her." -Shane Dorman 
  "Sending you this short note from winter CES in Las Vegas to say thanks and tell you how much I enjoyed your demonstation at the Supercharts group." -Michael Stolarsky
  "I was at your lecture today at the Omega group. I am very impressed with your expertise in trading and would like to learn more about trading stocks." 
  "Your presentation to the Market Analysts of Southern California (MASC) at our October meeting was excellent. On behalf of our organization, I wish to thank you for what was truly a most enlightening talk on the basics every trader and investor should know to make investing in the financial markets a success.
    Your discussions on goal setting, investment time horizons, sources of information and data, computers, charting software, system development/testing, and performance evaluation were very instructive. The high interest and enthusiasm you displayed during your talk conveyed an in-depth understanding of what is required to succeed in the markets. The details of Trading 101 which your shared will prove beneficial to many. We have received many fine compliments on you and your work. Thank you again for your very fine presentation." -Stanley C. Harley - President MASC 
  "I liked being able to ask "stupid questions" and never feel stupid. The resources and information were phenomenal! The course was well presented and I can hardly wait to begin using some of the concepts." -Pat Nisson
  "It gave me a vehicle to develop a resource to increase my income and perhaps change occupations. It also includes tools to develop a system that will work best for me." -Gere Shestag
  "Hi Sunny! I saw your book at Crown Books and thought I would search your website! It is great! There seems to be a growing cottage industry of people claiming to train others on currency day trading. I went to a couple seminars but really don't know who to trust. I am interested in a reputable company (such as yours). Is trading the S&P 500 more advantageous than just currency day trading? I have the computer equipment. What do you recommend for a beginner in day trading and what can you company offer?" -Mike Ladd
  "I went to your web site this morning...shazzam!" -Ralph Vince
  "I took a look at your Web site last night -- incredible! I guess that is what I should expect from the First Lady of Computers." --Glenn Neely 
  "I must say that this is the most complete list of information on any internet page I have seen." (On
  "I just finished reading Trading 101 How to Trade Like a Pro. I couldn't put it down. I think that it was definitely the right book for me to start with as a novice. I'm thoroughly pumped to learn as much as I can." 
  "I have purchased your "Trading 101" book. I wish I would have purchased it a year and a half ago when I began "trading". Great information." 
  "Sunny, thank you for writing such a clear concise and much needed book. I just finished reading Trading 101 and really related to what you went through. A great common sense guide. Right now I'm still in the reading and data gathering stages. I've enrolled as a student with a local "teacher" on trading the S&P500 no mechanical system but decisions are based on use of proprietary indicators. So far it's very confusing."