About Perry J. Kaufman

wpe14.jpg (6056 bytes)FEW INDUSTRY FIGURES unite a background of academic scholarship and commercial trading as does Perry J. Kaufman. A market strategist since 1971, he is well-known for his broad knowledge and experience in computer-based trading systems applied to world futures and financial markets. While preparing the recently released 3rd edition of his classic text, Trading Systems and Methods (first published in 1978), he has been more active in equity market analysis. In 1997 he published Global Equity Investing (McGraw-Hill) with Alberto Vivanti. 

MR. KAUFMAN has always been active in broadening the understanding of futures markets and their uses, serving on the Director's Committee of Columbia University's Center for the Study of Futures Markets, founding the Journal of Futures Markets (Columbia University and John Wiley & Sons), a vehicle to allow the building of an academic base for market analysis, and creating Wiley's Traders Advantage, a book series to allow analysts a means for publishing specific ideas.

PERRY KAUFMAN specializes in the application of technical and fundamental (statistical) analyses to the development of trading and risk management programs for both commercials and investors. Much of this work is based on price theories and techniques researched and developed by him since 1971. He brings the ability to integrate computer technology and strategic allocation with traditional investment approaches to achieve realistic objectives. Mr. Kaufman is particularly interested in closing the gap between expected (theoretical) and actual results, yielding robust models, with concentration on the world's stock index, foreign exchange, interest rate, and energy markets. An integral part of this work is expanding the boundaries of the research process for financial engineering.

WTH A BACKGROUND of aerospace navigation and control systems, Mr. Kaufman has consulted to major international commercial firms and large security houses. He developed the proprietary trading program being used by Drapeau Advisors and Man-Drapeau Research (Singapore); this program has yielded one of the best performance records in the derivatives industry. He previously developed Prudential-Bache's most successful futures management program, established the research department and assessed corporate risk for other major Wall Street firms, and was a consultant to Transworld Oil Limited (Bermuda) for ten years. As a partner in a mid-west farm management firm, he developed expertise in commercial hedging. The scope of this work gives him his unique understanding of the interaction of many aspects of complex market structure.

PERRY KAUFMAN is President of Strategic Market Systems, a firm specializing in the development of proprietary trading programs. He is also a Principal of Man-Drapeau Research Pte Ltd (Singapore) specializing in state-of-the art research and financial engineering in equities and derivatives markets; he is a Principal of Drapeau Advisors, Inc., an investment management firm trading in world financial markets.


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Since 1973, Mr. Kaufman has published numerous articles in the Journal of Futures Markets, Futures, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities and Futures Industry. Some of the most recent are:

”Positioning the Greek Equities Market for International Investing," Second World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts, July 1996, Athens, Greece.

“Price Shocks: Reevaluating Risk/Return Expectations”, Futures lndustry, July 1995.

“Perry Kaufman on Market Analysis,” Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, June 1995, reprinted
1998 bonus issue.

"On Profit. Taking,” Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, April 1994.


Mr. Kaufman has been a regular speaker at universities, major industry seminars and New York Stock Exchange corporate educational courses. He has often participated in the Dow Jones/Telerate World Tours and has made a number of television appearances. In October 1997 he chaired a panel on ”Trading World Markets” for the Futures Industry Association. In November, 1998 he presented "Robust Trading Systems" at the annual meeting of the International Federation of Technical Analysts in Rome and Milan.


Member, Advisory Board, and first Chairman, Vermont Securities Institute

Editorial Board, The Journal of Futures Markets (John Wiley & Sons)

Member, AIMR, Boston and Vermont Chapters

Member, The Society of Nonlinear Analysts

Member, Market Technicians Association

Member Assotechnic (Association of Technical Analysts, Italy)

Previous member, Director's Committee, Columbia University (Business School), Center for the Study of Futures Markets